I am currently a PhD candidate in Human-Computer Interaction, Haptics and Robotics in Sorbonne Université (Paris, France). I mostly design robotised interfaces to enhance haptics in Virtual Reality.  My latest projects will be uploaded on this website.

My Projects:

“Can I Touch This?”: Survey of Virtual Reality Interactions via Haptic Solutions
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This article is a survey of Virtual Reality interactions, relying on haptic devices.

We propose two dimensions to describe and com- pare the current haptic solutions: their degree of physicality, as well as their degree of actuation. We depict a compromise between the user and the designer, highlighting how the range of required or proposed stimulation in VR is opposed to the haptic interfaces flexibility and their deployment in real-life use-cases.
Published in IHM Conférence 20’21

CoVR: A Large-Scale Force-Feedback Robotic Interface for Non-Deterministic Scenarios in VR
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CoVR is a robotic interface that provides large force-feedback to the users in Virtual Reality. It consists of a XY-Cartesian robot mounted over the ceiling, which moves accordingly with the users’ intentions, in order to physically overlay virtual objects prior to the user interaction.
Published in UIST ’20 Proceedings