I am currently a Postdoctorate researcher at INRIA Rennes – Bretagne Atlantique (Brittany, France) and at Skoltech – Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Moscow, Russia).
I have a PhD in Human-Computer Interaction, Haptics and Robotics in Sorbonne Université (Paris, France). I mostly design robotised interfaces to enhance haptics in Virtual Reality.  My latest projects are uploaded on this website.

My Projects:

Robotised Tangible UI for Multimodal Interactions in VR
Anticipating Intentions to Physically Encounter the User

I recently presented some of my work at IHM x IG x RV 2021.

I provide a Framework towards the Enhancement
of Robotic Graphics technology, through replicable implementation
methods and intention models at different scales.
Finally, I describe CoVR, a robotic graphics interface I designed, 
through its interaction capabilities.

A small Overview of my PhD Thesis!

See Presentation >

“Can I Touch This?”: Survey of Virtual Reality Interactions via Haptic Solutions
See Project >

This article is a survey of Virtual Reality interactions, relying on haptic devices.

We propose two dimensions to describe and compare the current haptic solutions: their degree of physicality, as well as their degree of actuation. We depict a compromise between the user and the designer, highlighting how the range of required or proposed stimulation in VR is opposed to the haptic interfaces flexibility and their deployment in real-life use-cases.
Published in IHM Conférence 20’21

CoVR: A Large-Scale Force-Feedback Robotic Interface for Non-Deterministic Scenarios in VR
See Project >

CoVR is a robotic interface that provides large force-feedback to the users in Virtual Reality. It consists of a XY-Cartesian robot mounted over the ceiling, which moves accordingly with the users’ intentions, in order to physically overlay virtual objects prior to the user interaction.
Published in UIST ’20 Proceedings

Industry Research and Development:
My work @ StretchSense Ltd >

I worked for 3 years as a Systems Integration Team Lead at StretchSense Ltd in Auckland, New Zealand. I was responsible for conceiving and developing wearable technologies and smart garments using EAP (electro-active polymers, capacitive sensors).